Annual Parish Council Meeting – 16th May 2022

I hereby give notice that the Annual Meeting of Cople Parish Council will be held Monday 16th May 2022 at 7.30pm at Cople Village Hall


All members are hereby summoned to attend. Members of the Public and Press are welcome.

Please do not attend the meeting if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have tested positive for Covid-19

1. Elect the Chair of the Council

2. Declaration of Acceptance of Office by the Chair

3. Elect a Vice Chair

4. Apologies for Absence

5. Declarations of Interest

6. Assign additional responsibilities to Councillors:

• Committee Membership
• Representation on other bodies
• Any other additional responsibilities

7. Agree Parish Council meeting dates for 2022-2023

8. Approve minutes of the Meeting held 21st March 2022

9. Public Participation

Standing Orders will be suspended for a period of up to 15 minutes to allow members of the public to address the Council in relation to the business on the agenda or request matters to be discussed at a subsequent meeting. Please note that this is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes per member.

10. Receive the following reports:

a. Borough Councillors report
b. Receive police crime statistics

11. Receive updates on current matters:

a. Cople to Cardington footpath
b. Speed watch
c. Village play facilities
d. Additional bin at the Water End/Northill Road junction
e. Digital Connectivity

12. Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group update

13. Amenity & Highways

a. Report any Highways issues
b. Discuss traffic issues on Water End and agree action
c. Agree areas to out forward for the fly-tipping cameras
d. Discuss the classification of the A603
e. Approve the grass cutting agreement with Bedford Borough Council

14. Planning

a. Update on decisions from recent planning applications

15. Finance

a. Receive and approve schedule of receipts & payments
b. Receive current bank balances and reconciliation
c. Pension Regulator re-enrolment and re-declaration
d. Receive and agree quotation for Parish Council insurance

16. Audit and Annual Return 2021-2022

• Receive and accept the Internal Audit Report 2021-2022
• Agree the Annual Governance Statements 2021-2022
• Agree the Accounting Statement 2021-2022

17. Other matters requiring discussion:

a. Discuss the Platinum Jubilee and agree plans

18. New Matters from Councillors for discussion at next meeting

19. Correspondence (For information)

20. Date of next meeting

Anne Papé – Clerk 10th May 2022